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45-Hour Code Course

Our 45-hour Code course is an abbreviated version of course #1110 - National Electrical Code.

The course consist of a series of questions aimed at the National Fire Protection Associations article 70, the “National Electrical Code”. It gives the student purpose in reading the Code book. It enhances the student's familiarity with the text format and applications. It is based on the current edition of the Code.

Few of us get excited about reading material like the National Electrical Code book; that is why here at TENET, we try to give you a reason to read the Code. You will be asked practical questions not unlike those you might encounter on the job any day of the week. There are several related examples and exercise problems that are intended to help you gain confidence by the application of the Code and increase your comfort level of working with it.

We are confident you will find this course a worthwhile investment in your career.

Price: $440.00 *

Please Note: The cost of the National Electrical Code book is not included in the price of our courses. If you do not already have a copy of the Code book we recommend you pick one up at an electrical supply house or book store. Supply houses typically have the best prices for the book. If need be you can order a Code book for a course through TENET for an additional $130.00.

* Notes:

Prices are subject to change without notification.

There is a seventy-five dollar ($75) one time deposit fee for the Study Guide that comes with each course. The fee will be returned to the payee as long as the Study Guide and/or school owned workbooks are returned within thirty (30) days of the completion or expiration date of the course. The fee can be rolled over to any subsequent course provided there are no outstanding Study Guides.

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