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2020 Code
15-Hour Home Study Re-Certification
approved by Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont (Approved by VT on February 4, 2020)

We offer a home study version of the 15-hour recertification course on the National Fire Protection Association's National Electrical Code.

This course has been developed with you in mind. It guides you through the changes in the Code at your own pace in the comfort and convenience of your own home. Bad weather? No problem. The big game or special occasion ... you're there. You can work on your update an hour or two, evenings, Sunday mornings, or whenever works best for you.

Whether you can't afford to sacrifice two days out of your busy schedule or you just get more out of studying a subject in smaller segments, our home study code update was made for you. We have worked hard designing an effective yet user friendly course that will prove to be a good investment in your career.


Here is an example of the type of questions that make up the Study Guide you will be sent for our 15-hour Code update:

An unintentional, electrically conducting connection between an ungrounded conductor of an electrical circuit and the normally non–current-carrying conductors, metallic enclosures, metallic raceways, metallic equipment, or earth is the definition of a __________ .

    a) short circuit
    b) ground fault
    c) arc fault
    d) none of the above


There are two ways you can purchase our 15-hour Code update course.

- Complete, print out and mail in the registration form, along with a check.

- Mail in a check along with a note as to what it is for.

    Either way will work just as well to get the process rolling.


Price: $120.00 (check or money order)

Please Note: The cost of the National Electrical Code book is not included in the price of our courses. If you do not already have a copy of the Code book we recommend you pick one up at an electrical supply house or book store. Supply houses typically have the best prices for the book. If need be you can order a Code book for a course through TENET for an additional $130.00.


Here is what a some of your colleagues had to say about the course.

"A great course with time to sit down & really enjoy going over the code changes rather than rushing thru a 15 hour class elsewhere.

I've been an electrician for 40 years & really appreciate this approach."

Bob Vennard, Berwick, Me


"I liked this course better than sitting in a classroom.

Having taught code update classes myself over the years, to get the format right has to take a lot of work. Good job Claude."

Ken Domey, Unity, NH


"More effective than a class.

More productive because we are all busy.

Thank you. This is great."

Raymond Belair, Newington NH


"Great course. It sure beats sitting in a classroom for 15 hours."

Steve Murdock, St. John VI


"People who use this course will get much more in-depth knowledge by having to look up or find information themselves."

Richard Piercy, Linden VA


"The course was very thorough. Doing the directed study allows time for exploring and researching as the course progresses."

Susan Haigh, South Hero VT


"I always learn so much more taking your updates. I think this in my third time doing the at home course. I recomend your course to a lot of other electricians. I tell them you learn more, it is like school and you can take your time right at home."

Keith Demers, Rutland VT


"This format allows you to progress at your own speed and delve into those topics relevant to your work. Whereas in the classroom setting you are quickly on to the next topic in order to "cover the material"".

Timothy Matthews, North Yarmouth ME


"The course got me to read a lot of the code in between the answers to the questions. A good thing.

Richard Bennett, Intervale NH


15-Hour Update Registration Form


Make checks payable to:

PO Box 10574
Bedford, NH 03110-0574

Note: This course has been approved by Maine & New Hamphire and Vermont's Electrical Boards. All others should check with their state electrical board for pre-approval.
TENET is not currently offering live update seminars. Sorry for any inconvenience.


Did you know the answer to the Example Question is "b) ground fault"?  Do you know where you can find that information in the Code?