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    Exam Prep Course

Our course #1110 - National Electrical Code is the same course as our exam prep course. It only makes sense that the course we use to finalize our student's apprenticeship curriculum should help prepare them for the electrical licensing exam.

The course consist of a series of questions aimed at the National Fire Protection Associations article 70, the “National Electrical Code”. It gives the student purpose in reading the Code book. It enhances the students familiarity with the text format and applications. It is a most effective method of preparing the student for the electrical examination licensing process.

We firmly believe there is no quick fix to learning the Code; taking the exam. The only way you can become proficient with the Code is to use it. Our goal at TENET is to provide you with opportunity the apply the Code practically so you can work with it effectively throughout your career.

We included several examples and accompanying exercise problems to help our students develop and refine their skills working with the Code

A few things that we recommend to students preparing to sit for the electrical exam are:

  • Read, word-for-word the table of contents and the index in the Code book
    • Even though reading the table of contents and the index is as much fun as reading the phone book, it should help put some key words or phrases in the back of your mind which might prove helpful on test day.
  • Review the tables for box and conduit sizing.
  • Review the examples for one-family dwelling, maximum demand for range loads, and motor circuits.
  • Get and read a copy of the licensing law and/or rules and regulations of the state for which you will be testing.
    • Be familiar with the licensed electrician-to-apprentice ratio.
    • Know what you can and cannot not do with various licenses held in said state, i.e. pull a permit.

Price: $440.00*

The course price does not include a copy of the National Electrical Code book. If you do not have a Code book we recommend picking one up at a local electrical wholesale house. If need be you can order a Code book for a course through TENET for an additional $130.00.


* Notes:

Prices are subject to change without notification.

There is a seventy-five dollar ($75) one time deposit fee for the Study Guide that comes with each course. The fee will be returned to the payee as long as the Study Guide and/or school owned workbooks are returned within thirty (30) days of the completion or expiration date of the course. The fee can be rolled over to any subsequent course provided there are no outstanding Study Guides.

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