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Frequently Asked Questions:

Hopefully, a quick review of some of the questions your colleagues have asked us will help answer any questions you might have. If not, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Q: When can you register for a course?

A: TENET is a correspondence school with open enrollment. You can register for a course at anytime.

Q: Where should I start?

A: For the first year of the apprenticeship, we typically start people off with course #1102, Electricity I. Although it is the second course in our sequence, we start people there because we have had much better retention when we start them off with something they can relate to; house wiring. It is a better place to get people back into the school mind set. You will also have to take course #1101, Electrical Theory/Math, in order to earn enough credit for the first year of apprenticeship schooling.

If you are transferring into TENET's curriculum take a look at our "Curriculum by Years" page to determine which course you should be taking to continue with your education.

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Q: Do I have to take all of the courses?

A: No. You can take any course, at any time, in any sequence. An example might be an electrician who has been wiring houses decides to change over to industrial wiring and maintenance. Someone who makes a move like that would probably want to brush up with a couple of controls courses.

You will receive a certificate of completion for each course you successfully complete.

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Q: How much time does a student have to work on a course?

A: Each course registration is valid for six months. Although six months is ample time to complete each course, should a student need more time, the student would have to re-register and pay the tuition again.

If a student's course registration expires it will be automatically renewed using any monies in the student's account.

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Q: Can I purchase more than one course at a time?

A: Yes, but unless instructed otherwise, TENET will only mail out one course at a time. The six month registration period does not begin for subsequent courses until they are shipped.

Where multiple courses are quoted or purchased, prices are guaranteed for one year from the date of the quote or purchase, whichever came first. Any course shipped to the student and/or the student's agent after the one year ending date may be subject to any and all price increases in tuition and materials.

If a student's course registration expires it will be automatically renewed using any monies in the student's account.

Any and all monies in a student’s account shall be forfeited after nine months of inactivity.

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Q: Can I purchase a course before I have completed the course I am currently working on?

A: Yes. It is not uncommon for students to purchase a course while finishing up the course they are working on. Typically, it takes 3-4 weeks for the student to receive a course from the time they drop the registration in the mail. Early ordering can help minimize down time between courses.

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Q: Can I take courses during the summer?

A: This is one of the great advantages of a comprehensive correspondence curriculum such as TENET's. You can study whenever and wherever you want. If classes are running from September through May, with a month off around the holidays, that is four months a year that you are not, but could be, working on your apprenticeship; studying toward your career.

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Q: What if I do not like the course I purchased?

A: You will have ten working days from our shipped date to return the course for a full refund of tuition and materials returned in an "as new" condition.

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Q: Can I switch between classes and TENET?

A: Yes. If you missed the start-up of classes, you can take that year with TENET and resume classes the following year without being left behind.

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Q: Can I take both classes and courses from TENET at the same time?

A: Yes. You can take courses from TENET while you are taking classes. You can cut your class time in half if you take the first year classes while taking second year courses with TENET and then do the same for year’s three and four.

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Q: What is the minimum amount of time a student has to work on TENET’s courses?

A: There is no minimum amount of time a student needs to work on TENET’s courses. TENET's curriculum is objective based, as long as the student successfully completes the course requirements, they will be awarded credit for the equivalent number of classroom hours.

TENET’s courses are designed to help the student develop and refine their ability to work independently in today’s very sophisticated electrical industry.

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Q: Are there any advantages to taking a correspondence course?

A: There are several, a few of which are:

Students work at their own pace. Unfortunately the educational pace of a classroom is often set by the slowest student. That’s ok if you’re the slowest student, but when you are being held back, it’s not such a good thing. Such is not the case with a correspondence course. If the course is designed properly, a student can learn much more at a much faster pace. TENET’s curriculum is designed so each student sets their own pace while the material that is covered is determined by the needs of industry.

The quality is high, the curriculum is consistent. Often time, a school will combine classes because there are not enough students or they could not find a teacher. When this happens, the quality of education suffers; a student does not know what they are not being taught until it is too late. It does not matter how many students are enrolled, TENET’s courses are ready for you when you need them. The curriculum is portable. Since the student determines when and where they will be working on their schooling, class cancelations are not a major setback. If something pops up that prevents you from doing your school work when you usually work on it, you can easily reschedule for another time. The hours spent driving back and forth to class could be spent working on your education, your future.

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Q: Does self-teaching work?

A: Yes. If it did not, then nobody would learn anything once they left school; anybody who has read a newspaper has learned something on their own. The key is to develop the learning skills necessary to know how to find and use the information you will need to keep yourself marketable throughout your career.

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Q: Do I have to be a registered apprentice or can anyone take courses with TENET?

A: You need not be an apprentice. Anyone interested in learning the theory and application of electricity can enroll in TENET’s curriculum. Many of our students are making a career change or are changing their specialty within the industry.

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Q: Are there any other cost besides tuition and books?

A: Yes.

There is a twenty-dollar ($20) fee for any correspondence on a student’s behalf.

There is a seventy-five dollar ($75) one time deposit fee for the Study Guide that comes with each course. The payee has 30 days after completion or the expiration date of the course to submit a written request for return of deposit minus any outstanding balances provided all Study Guides and/or school owned workbooks have been returned. The deposit can be rolled over to a subsequent course a student registers for within 30 days of any previous course provided there are no outstanding Study Guides and/or balances.

The cost of the National Electrical Code book is not included in the price of our courses. If you do not already have a copy of the Code book we recommend you pick one up at an electrical supply house or book store. Supply houses typically have the best prices for the book. If need be you can order a Code book for a course through TENET for an additional $130.00.

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Q: What if I have a question about the course?

A: We have tried to design our courses so that our students can work as independently as possible. Should a student need to contact us with a question regarding a course, there are thirty-minutes of free call-in time per course after which there is a one-dollar per minute charge. Students can contact us via phone, fax, email, or mail.

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Q: Can I complete my education requirements in less than four years?

A: Yes. If you have already completed the required on-the-job hours, you can work on the educational requirements at your own pace. This has worked especially well for electricians relocating from an area where there are no educational requirements and they have to play catch-up.

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