"Your Technical Education Network"

office (800) 830-2645

local 603-645-6616


How It Works

TENET is a correspondence school whereby the student is mailed the text and a study guide for each course. The study guide directs the student as to what they have to study, how the work has to be done and what to do once they have completed the work.

Students have up to six months to work on the course. Once the student has completed all the course work he/she mails it in for grading.

With the exception of the National Electrical Code course, there is an exam for each course. The exam is open book to be given by a proctor of the student's choosing. The proctor is typically an employer, foreman or supervisor to be approved by TENET.

The student must provide us with the proctor's name address, phone number and relationship to them. The exam is mailed to the proctor once we have received and graded the course work.

Students will be issued a certificate of completion and grade record sheet for each course successfully completed. The minimum passing grade is sixty percent.